We think everybody should be able to participate in the growth and prosperity of the cities and neighborhoods they are helping to build.

That’s why we created Compound. We’re not just leveling the playing field. We’re changing how the entire game is being played with an idea that stands to fundamentally reshape the ownership fabric of every city in the world.

We’ve set out to build the new American dream – a future in which absolutely everybody can be a part of it, and also buy a piece of it.

Janine Yorio, Jesse Stein and TJ Kawamura
Founders of Compound

Together with my team, we’re building the new American dream, one in which everybody can own a meaningful piece of the cities they love.

Janine Yorio
CEO/Co-founder, Compound

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Owning real estate has always required access to serious capital. And getting on the appreciation ladder is difficult. That’s why we decided to build something different. That’s why we built Compound.

Jesse Stein
COO/Co-founder, Compound

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