real estate funds

Each of Compound’s real estate thematic funds (ReTFs) invests
in one city in one asset class, giving investors the power to
decide how and where to allocate capital.

ReTFs are an innovative investment product

ReTFs combine the thematic investment strategies of an ETF with the tax and diversification benefits of a REIT.

Targeted Exposure

Each ReTF acquires and manages a portfolio of properties in a specific geography and asset class, such as Manhattan condominiums.


Compound intends to list each ReTF on Nasdaq or the NYSE as it becomes eligible, providing investors with liquidity and flexibility.

Institutional-Quality Management

Compound partners with experienced asset management teams in each local market to guide fund strategy for each ReTF and make investment decisions.

Explore Compound ReTFs

Compound offers a range of funds to provide investors exposure
to different markets and asset classes around the world.


Partner with us

Interested in partnering with us in a city or have an idea for a new ReTF?

For each ReTF we create, we partner with institutional quality managers with stellar track records and deep local market expertise to provide investment management services.

We provide a template for fund creation and administration, marketing and distribution direct-to-consumer in major markets around the world including Asia, the EU, Latin America, and the UAE.

We earn money by sharing in the asset management fees from each ReTF.

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Unlock details about our Manhattan Condominium ReTF and stay updated as we create new real estate funds, including NYC HQ2, which targets properties around Amazon’s HQ2 in Long Island City.