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Fast-growing global cities like Miami offer exciting real estate investment opportunities, and Compound helps investors gain exposure to this market in an easier, more targeted way.

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Why Miami residential?

With its beautiful beaches and terrific year-round weather, Miami has long been one of the top destinations for both domestic and international real estate investors. The Miami airport ranks third in the US for international flights landed, and every year over 44 million people pass through the city.

Tax Haven

The state of Florida does not have any income tax and also has relatively low property taxes. Miami has become a leading tax haven for wealthy individuals and corporations.

Foreign Investment

Ranked the best American market for foreign real estate investment, foreigners invested $3.6 billion in greater Miami in 2017.

Source: Miami Association of Realtors

Start-Up Hub

Miami is ranked number one in the country by the Kauffman Index, which indicates new business creation, activity and people engaging in business startup activity.

Source: Cushman Wakefield 2018

What's being said
about Miami?

Manhattan landscape

Miami's population is
growing quickly

Miami is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, growing 1.26% per year, which is well above the national average of .7%. With more people moving to Miami for its beneficial living conditions, more housing will be needed.

This population growth has directly affected the job market, as Miami's job growth is one of the strongest in the nation and well outpaces the national average.
Miami Population
U.S. Population
Miami Employment
U.S. Employment
Source: U.S. Census Bureau; World Bank* 20 year period selected for illustrative purposes; additional years and data are available upon request.

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