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We talked construction and chicken & waffles with Eric Brody, Principal & Chief Operating Officer at Wonder Works Construction Corp.  

Where are you from?

Brooklyn - born and raised! I was born in Brownsville at the East New York/Brookdale Hospital (if we're getting specific) and I grew up in Park Slope.  

Where do you live now?

I live in Union Square. I've been here for less than one year, but I think it's one of the best neighborhoods in New York City. There's a ton of culture, activities and restaurants. Something is always happening here. There are also a ton of transportation options which is amazing, especially in the winter.  

How long have you worked in real estate?

I've been working in real estate and construction since 2003.  

What inspired you to work in real estate?

Necessity, opportunity and my father, who is an architect.  

Who do you respect the most in the real estate industry?

Definitely my parents. They always invested any money they made in real estate. They took large risks that paid off big and that's always been a source of inspiration for me. My partner, Joseph Klaynberg, is also someone I really respect. I've known him since 2008 and he's a titan in this industry.  

What is your favorite thing about New York City real estate?

The complexity of the construction industry is always fun because challenges make the day to day experience exciting. The expertise of leaders in this sector is also impressive to see. The way they skillfully navigate and execute projects - it's amazing!  

What is your favorite neighborhood?

Definitely, Union Square.  

What is your favorite restaurant?

Right now, I love Red Rooster. I always order the chicken wings and waffles. It is hands down the best thing on their menu.  

What do you think is the next up-and-coming neighborhood?

Anywhere, I am currently building ;)  

What is your favorite building in New York City? Why?

Loaded question. They all mean something to me.

What has been the most rewarding or craziest real estate deal/project you have been apart of?Most rewarding is completing a project and having the right amount of luck to make money while doing it. A project I'm most proud of is the Oosten, a condominium complex in Williamsburg. I know I helped build it from ground up, but it really is gorgeous. I think we did some of our best work with this building. It won Best New Construction for the Brooklyn Building Awards in 2016.