Many are saying “America is broken.” It’s not. Being broken implies that it was once intact, and it’s time for us to acknowledge that America was built this way.

Three hundred years of injustice are coming to a head. Black and white people stand shoulder to shoulder in our streets demanding radical change, and we stand with them in solidarity.

This is one of our country’s darkest hours, but it may also mark the start of a new era: one where all Americans feel the same level of security under the law and have the same chance of prosperity. But, it’s on each of us to make sure that happens.

In order for racial equality to take root permanently, we must acknowledge that the best way to create change is to give everybody a fair chance at the American Dream—a genuine opportunity to own his or her piece of the pie.

Compound is a small, young company, but it was founded with the mission of creating access to real estate ownership for people who have historically been shut out. Today, that goal feels insignificant compared to the systemic injustices and life-threatening problems facing black Americans. But, it is still important.

Pauline "Pauli" Murray was a black, female American civil rights activist in the 1940s. She wrote these words, “As an American, I inherit the magnificent tradition of an endless march toward freedom and toward the dignity of all mankind.” Now, eighty years later, these words need to be tattooed onto our collective consciousness.

Pauli Murray, American civil rights activist

Let's create lasting change together. These changes are embarrassingly overdue. If we don’t make the change, then who will?

Stay strong, America, and take action.

There are tons of resources to turn to. As an organization, we’ve chosen to support the NAACP, and encourage you to do the same.