Data-driven city-specific
real estate investing

ReTFs provide access to investors seeking exposure
to the world’s best real estate markets.

Our method

City-specific real estate investing

We created ReTFs to provide investors with exposure to markets with traditionally high barriers of entry.

Big data and human expertise

We utilize “boots on the ground” institutional knowledge with the rigorous quantitative analysis of a programmatic investment model.

Buy and hold

Investors participate in the income and price appreciation that comes from owning real estate long term in the world’s premier markets.

Technology and data enable smarter investing

Compound is developing one of the most technologically-sophisticated approaches in the residential real estate investment industry, leveraging data in multiple ways to make smarter investment decisions.

We research and select the best available third-party real estate technology providers and enter into exclusive relationships to create tech-enabled funds that give us a unique competitive edge designed to enhance returns to investors.

Filtering Investment Opportunities

At any given time, there are thousands of real estate listings, and many more being quietly marketed through off-market transactions. By using our proprietary algorithm, we can winnow down the large list and focus on those opportunities most likely to outperform.

Forecasting Investment Income

We partner with the latest real estate technologies to help our investment team inform its decision-making processes. By using technology, we can better measure and predict how rentable a specific unit at a specific location is, the length of lease and the concessions, in order to accurately price units and then predict rental yields.

A hybrid investment strategy that targets Beta+ returns

Compound builds portfolios with returns that generally correlate to the markets we invest in but with the added benefit of an experienced management team, data science, and a technology-enabled asset management strategy.

We believe that market performance will ultimately determine the bulk of our returns, so we carefully select and build portfolios in real estate markets that have historically held value and generated strong long-term returns.

At the property level, we leverage the experience of an institutional-quality asset- and property-management team combined with a technology-driven approach to make smarter investment decisions designed to improve investment returns.

This approach is what we call Beta+.

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Unlock details about our Manhattan Condominium ReTF and stay updated as we create new real estate funds, including NYC HQ2, which targets properties around Amazon’s HQ2 in Long Island City.