Targeted Exposure to Global
Urban Real Estate Markets

Compound is a New York-based sponsor and asset manager of real estate thematic funds (ReTFs). We are the dominant global issuer of ReTFs. Compound's ReTFs allow institutions and their clients direct their residential real estate investment strategy exactly when and where they want to invest.

Proprietary financial products
with liquidity and transparency

Our products give access and exposure to high-barrier, gateway markets with low correlation to the equities and bond markets.

Highly targeted,
city-specific investing

ReTFs combine the portfolio diversification and tax benefits of REITs with the liquidity, exposure and thematic nature of ETFs.

Future liquidity
and intraday trading

Compound intends to apply to list each fund with its own ticker on the NYSE or Nasdaq when it is eligible. We will issue new ReTFs in new cities over time.

Seasoned real estate
investment management

Compound’s ReTFs are managed by institutional-quality investment and property management teams with local market expertise.

Join Compound’s global distribution syndicate

Compound ReTFs are available directly; through our broker-dealer affiliate, Compound Securities; and through a global network of broker-dealers, registered representatives, investment advisors and wealth managers.

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We have local distribution partners around the world, in all of the places listed below.

United States
Middle East

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The Compound team is headquartered in New York City. We're happy to answer any questions.

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