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We’re reimagining how the world invests in real estate by building a consumer-facing investment brand for the largest global asset class.

Our mission is to fundamentally reshape the real estate ownership landscape by enabling the millions of investors who cannot afford to invest in the cities where they live, work or visit to own a piece of those cities in a completely frictionless way.

We think it’s unfair that only wealthy individuals and big institutions can invest in fast-growing cities in a meaningful way. At Compound, we’re changing all of that. We’re building the new American dream — a future in which absolutely everybody can own a piece of the cities they love.

That’s why we created Cityfunds which:

  • Empower investors from all walks of life and all parts of the world to invest in cities like they invest in stocks — allowing everybody to own and invest in the cities they believe in.
  • Provide compelling investment returns — along with the connection and support for all the places that inspire.
  • Return the power to decide when and where to invest back into the hands of investors — literally and figuratively — through cutting-edge technology that enables streamlined real estate investment directly from a mobile phone.

These are your cities, too. Own a piece of the cities you love.

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As stewards of your investments, our goal is to generate outstanding results while applying the highest standards of integrity and discipline to protect your investment. We’re reimagining the $2.7 trillion real estate investment industry for the next generation of investors.

Janine Yorio
Janine Yorio
Chief Executive Officer

Janine has over two decades of real estate investment experience. She was previously head of real estate development for Andre Balazs’ Standard Hotels, and before that was a Portfolio Manager at real estate private equity firm NorthStar Capital where she worked on hundreds of investments from origination to exit, five of which culminated in IPOs, including 4 publicly-listed REITs. Over the course of her career, she has managed over $2 billion in structured real estate investments ranging from CDOs and mezzanine loans to coliving and short-term rental strategies. She graduated from Yale University.

Jesse Stein
Jesse Stein
Chief Investment Officer

Jesse oversees real estate investment, operations, and new products for Compound. Previously, Jesse was a founding member and Chief Operating Officer of ETRE Financial, a real estate information technology company where he developed a trading platform specifically designed for real estate securities and partnered with Nasdaq on a series of REIT Indexes. He has a background in real estate investment banking and equities trading. Jesse is a graduate of Cornell University and also holds a Masters Degree in real estate investment from New York University. He is the founder and co-owner of the New York Empire, a professional ultimate frisbee team.

Josh Mandel
Josh Mandel
Chief Financial Officer

Josh recently completed two terms as Treasurer of the State of Ohio. In this capacity he oversaw the state's $22B+ investment portfolio, $11B+ debt portfolio, $232B+ domestic and international custody portfolio, and annual cash movements exceeding $66B. As Treasurer of Ohio, Josh leveraged his understanding and embrace of technology to launch OhioCheckbook.com, a first-of-its-kind transparency website, posting online over $690 billion of state expenditures. As a result of his innovation in this area, Josh earned Ohio the #1 ranking in America for government transparency. Josh holds a Bachelor Degree from The Ohio State University and a Law Degree from Case Western Reserve University. He is also a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Anbar Province, Iraq.

Bill Staniford
Bill Staniford
Chief Product Officer

Bill was previously CEO of PropertyShark, New York City's first real estate data technology platform, which was acquired by Yardi Systems in 2010. During his tenure as CEO, PropertyShark was named one of the 50 best websites in the world by Time, Inc. He has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News and in countless industry publications and is widely considered an industry expert on the commercialization and implementation of real estate data and technology. He began his career as a cryptologist in the US Marine Corps, cracking codes for the US military.

TJ Kawamura
TJ Kawamura
Head of Growth

TJ leads all growth initiatives for Compound including real estate transactions, real estate data and technical analysis, quantitative marketing analytics, and internal optimization of organizational processes. He has led business development efforts and advised several venture-capital backed real estate startups and has deep connections in the residential real estate development world. He speaks Japanese, is a licensed real estate broker in both New York and Florida, an avid collector of contemporary art, and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. He graduated from Bates College.

Manish Shah
Manish Shah
Head of Asset Management

Manish leads all asset and property management at Compound. He is principal/co-founder of Two Kings Real Estate where he has managed portfolios of real estate assets including controlling equity, preferred equity, mezzanine and senior debt investments acquired via private equity and corporate funds. His prior experience includes executing a turnaround of a publicly traded company with significant real estate assets, and managing over $1 billion in equity and debt transactions at Bear Stearns and Morgan Stanley. Manish graduated with honors from Harvard Law School and graduated with honors and distinction in two majors from Yale University. He serves on the Board of Advisors for Yale’s Institute for Global Affairs.

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We’re a venture capital-backed asset management firm that
creates residential real estate funds called Cityfunds.

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At Compound, diversity is not an "initiative." It is fundamentally who we are. Achieving meaningful diversity means more than just finessing outward appearances or gaming measurable statistics; it's about bringing together people with a mix of unique experiences and opinions who might never otherwise meet — and encouraging the special alchemy that happens when they do.

When we add to our team, we look for talent in unconventional places and revisit exclusionary norms. We have a special fondness for veterans who have served our country. We also make an extra effort to seek out and work with other companies who do more than pay lip service to diversity. We know that better results come from thinking differently and being thoughtfully inclusive even if that means going against the grain.