Own a piece of
the cities you love

Invest in city-specific real estate funds in the world’s best markets.

Each fund invests exclusively in one city.

Compound offers geographically-targeted real estate thematic funds (called ReTFs.) Each ReTF owns a real estate portfolio in one city--and only one city.

ReTFs give investors the power to decide exactly which property markets to invest in and precisely when to exit their investment.

Compound's ReTFTM funds combine
the best aspects of a REIT and an ETF.

ReTFs (Real Estate Thematic Funds) are asset-backed real estate investment vehicles that combines
the tax and diversification benefits of REITs with the highly-targeted thematic nature and liquidity of ETFs.

Why is Compound different?

Highly Targeted

Understand exactly what you’re investing in: a diversified, professionally-managed portfolio of residential real estate located in one city.

Liquid Securities

Buy and sell shares whenever you need to. We aim to provide liquidity and flexibility to our investors by applying to list the shares of our ReTFs on the NYSE or Nasdaq.

Best Markets

Gain access and exposure to asset classes and markets that have high barriers to entry, like New York and San Francisco.

A buy-and-hold real estate investment strategy for the long term.

Each Compound ReTF buys a diversified real estate portfolio in a very narrowly defined market area, builds a portfolio and manages the assets as rental properties.

Investors receive quarterly dividends and participate in the long-term price appreciation. (This is not a “fix and flip” strategy.)

Our funds are open-ended and “evergreen” and will continually make new property investments as capital is raised into each fund. Investors seeking liquidity can sell their shares on the open market.*

*We intend to apply to list our shares on the NYSE or Nasdaq when they are eligible. Prior to this listing, shares are not redeemable and liquidity is very limited or unavailable.
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