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Invest in city-specific real estate funds in the world’s best markets.


Compound offers a family of city-specific real estate thematic funds (ReTFs), giving investors the power to decide where to allocate capital and in which asset classes.

Compound's ReTFTM is a hybrid between a REIT and ETF

ReTFs (Real Estate Thematic Funds) are new investment products that combine the tax
and diversification benefits of real estate ownership with a thematic investing strategy

Why is Compound different?

Highly Targeted

Understand exactly what you’re investing in: a diversified, professionally-managed portfolio of residential real estate located in one city.

Liquid Securities

Buy and sell shares whenever you need to. We aim to provide liquidity and flexibility to our investors by applying to list the shares of our ReTFs on the NYSE or Nasdaq.

Best Markets

Gain access and exposure to asset classes and markets that have high barriers to entry, like New York and San Francisco.

Buy-and-hold investment strategy

Each Compound ReTF buys properties in a specific market, aggregates a portfolio, and rents out the properties.

Investors receive quarterly dividends and participate in the price appreciation over the long term.

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