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We invest in sophisticated, fast-moving markets typically inaccessible to most investors. Each Cityfund is designed to mimic the performance of residential real estate in one city, and only one city.

San Francisco
Los Angeles

Why are Compound Cityfunds different?

Highly Targeted

Understand exactly what you’re investing in: a diversified, professionally-managed portfolio of residential real estate located in one city.


We aim to structure our Cityfunds to include an exit strategy that can provide flexibility for investors.

Best Markets

Gain access and exposure to well-located properties in high-demand, supply-constrained markets like New York City and San Francisco.

How We Invest

Each Compound Cityfund acquires a diversified residential real estate portfolio in one city and manages the assets as rental properties.
We combine a rigorous data-driven strategy and decades of real estate experience to identify the best properties.

Data Driven

We use proprietary data feeds to price properties accurately and make smarter investment decisions.

Technology Enabled

We use technology to identify better investment opportunities, to manage properties in a way that improves return on investment, and to distribute them globally to investors all around the world.

Institutional Expertise

Our team has a wealth of experience in real estate development, investment, and technology.

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