Own a piece
of the cities you love.

City-specific real estate funds in the world's best markets.


We created ReTFs so that you can invest in residential real estate
in places like Manhattan, San Francisco or Miami.

A ReTFTM is a hybrid between a REIT and ETF.

The benefits of real estate ownership combined with a thematic investing strategy.

Why is Compound different?

Highly Targeted

Understand exactly what you’re investing in: a diversified, professionally-managed portfolio of residential condominiums located in one city.

Liquid Securities

Buy and sell shares whenever you need or want to. We intend to apply to list shares of each ReTF on the NYSE or Nasdaq so shares can trade like any other listed security.

Best Markets

We provide access & exposure to markets and asset classes that have high barriers to entry, starting with Manhattan.

How does it work?

We buy apartments. We aggregate a portfolio. We rent out the apartments.

You own shares in the portfolio. You earn quarterly dividends. You participate in the price appreciation.

We're re-imagining the real estate fund industry for the next generation of investors.

Invest with cash or Bitcoin.

Get Started.

For now, Compound is available by invitation only. We’d like to understand what your real estate investment goals are so that we can figure out if Compound is a good match for you.

Please share your contact information,
and we’ll reach out to you shortly.