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ReTFs combine the tax and diversification benefits of REITs with the thematic nature and liquidity of ETFs.
Our Manhattan Residential ReTF is currently open for investment. You can also indicate interest in our other funds below.

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Minimum investment: $25,000

Targeted return: 10 - 12% annually

Dividends: Quarterly

Strategy: Distressed condominiums

Non-accredited Investors: No

Foreign Investors: Yes

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    Complete the form above to let us know how much you’re planning to invest, and we will email you with confirmation. If you’re interested in investing in more than one fund, please contact us.

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    We plan to begin processing investments in early 2019. Until then, Compound will keep you updated with news about the fund and the local real estate market. If you have questions during that time, please feel free to contact us.

  3. Finalize your investment

    We will contact you to finalize your investment, which includes verifying your investor accreditation, confirming the investment amount, and transferring funds to Compound. This process can be completed online, by phone, or in person in New York City.